Because people are more than behaviours

The biggest challenge facing senior leaders today is how to get the most
from their talent. Conventional training methods in core skills such as
product knowledge and market research remain a vital ingredient,
yet the impact on sustained individual behavioural change to optimise
performance is limited.

Research continues to show that the number one factor in
personal and professional success is emotional intelligence
– how any individual manages themselves and the relationships
they are part of. 

  • ‘Following training, employee productivity increased by just over
    22%, whereas training combined with coaching produced an
    increase of productivity of 88%.’ International Personnel
    Management Association

Our experience and research has shown that people always have the
intention to perform at their best. Be assured, your people, whether
consciously or not, have the appetite excel, grow, and achieve.
The human mind craves growth and learning, the challenge to business
leaders is providing the correct learning interventions to tap into this
intellectual property.

The answer to unlocking performance and learning in your organisation is found in coaching.

According to the latest CIPD research coaching is one of the most effective ways of developing talent. Yet less than half of organisations with talent management programmes use it to develop their high performers and future stars.

  • ‘Although 14 % of organisations conduct executive coaching and 5% of organisations have a coaching programme for senior management solely, an overwhelming 93% of managers believe that coaching should be available to all employees regardless of seniority’
    Chartered Management Institute, The Coaching at Work Survey
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